Wellfie Wednesday Tip #83 Let It Go(al)

Happy #WellfieWednesday!! This post is brought to you by @AaronPerezPT. Enjoy!

     I often use my contribution to #WellfieWednesday blogs as an excuse to nerd out and dive deeper into a wellness topic. This week is a bit different. I had some random thoughts at the gym a couple weeks ago that are sticking around…so that must mean something. I figured why not attempt to make the rambling voice in my head coherent on paper, and then I immediately regretted this undertaking (insert face palm emoji). So, here goes nothing…

     If you’re anything like me, cracking your back a few good times on a foam roller is your pre-workout supplement of choice. So, as I performed my pre-workout ritual my mind began to ponder,

“What the hell am I doing here?”

     Not in a meaning of life kind of way, but rather, I once again have no plan for today’s workout so let’s figure this out in the next 30 seconds kind of way. This is a common musing from my simple head, but unexpectedly, I delved deeper,

“No, but really, what the hell am I doing here?”

     You see, I treat exercise like almost nothing else in my life. I rarely have goals related to exercise, and hardly ever have a plan even as I’ve already begun a workout. Yet, it’s one aspect of my life I’m most consistent with and enjoy. Isn’t it odd I commit so much time to something I have no specific goal or plan for? In contrast, I spend far more time goal setting for professional aspirations and daily/weekly productivity. I create game plans. Sometimes, I even take the time to write them down. Often, I’m left frustrated at the results. 

     I wondered if my approach to exercise could be applied to other aspects of my life. Then, I thought, well, my relationship towards exercise wasn’t always this way. In high school, I created monthly routines and tracked progress. I spent hours upon hours learning and went to college for this stuff. Maybe I’m able to just enjoy it now because of all the work I’ve put in. I think that’s a fair point, and maybe the early “grind” of goal setting, planning, failing, and trying again is a necessary step to reach a level of enjoyment without expectation. Or, maybe I’m just grasping at straws to rationalize an otherwise lackadaisical approach to fitness. After all, I definitely believe in the benefit of solid exercise prescription and periodization. I try to practice that in programming for patients and fitness clients. Maybe I’m just coo-coo. Right now, you’re probably asking,

“Where the hell is this going?”

     I’m not really sure. But, in a last ditch effort to make this post worth your while, I’ll try to piece together some inspiring conclusion. Goals are great, but should probably come with a warning label: Use responsibly. Common side effects may include frustration, blaming, guilt, and nihilism.  Don’t fall victim to “paralysis by analysis.” Complexity is execution’s kryptonite. Avoid obsessing over the future and outcomes that are not entirely in your control. Be present. After all, if your dreams do come to fruition, you’ll want to enjoy that moment. So, when setting goals I think I’ll start asking myself,

“When I achieve my goal, what will that feel like?”

“Now, do I really need to wait to experience that?”

If you’ve made it this far into the rabbit holes of my thoughts, God bless you. And Happy #WellfieWednesday !!!

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