Fuel Physio, LLC offers concierge cash-based physiotherapy (physical therapy) services in the Greenville, SC metropolitan area. We know the headache and hassle that comes with traveling to a PT clinic, so let us help reduce those barriers to care. Whether dealing with aches or pains, experiencing difficulty with movements, or having recently undergone a musculoskeletal related surgery, our clinicians can get you back on feet. 

Here in South Carolina, Physical Therapists have 30-day direct access, meaning you can go straight to a Physical Therapist for an initial evaluation and treatment WITHOUT a physician referral. Don't delay, inquire today! 

For more information on what a Physical Therapist can do for you, please visit GetPT1st.com or MoveForwardPT.com. Physical Therapists are trained to treat more than just movement dysfunctions, but

Unfortunately, we do no accept insurance payment at this time. Our services are strictly cash-based. Please complete an inquiry form below for additional information on pricing and to see if our services would be a good fit for you. 


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