Fuel 4 PT is a service intended for physical therapists/physical therapist assistants and outpatient clinics, though applicable in any setting. We know that nutrition will ultimately impact your patient or client's rehabilitation outcomes, the risk for chronic disease, and overall quality of life. Let us help steer your patient/client population in the right direction! 

Our team is here to help initiate or improve upon the integration of nutrition into your practice. We will not only education you and/or your clinician's in the fundamentals of nutrition, but also teach you the steps to implement intervention appropriately. While taking into account professional scopes of practice and your patient or client's eating pattern and medical history. Your patients/clients may also receive discounts on our nutritional coaching services, if further skilled nutritional intervention is needed. 


We offer courses intended to help physical therapists and physical therapists assistants properly integrate nutrition into practice. Check out our course offerings HERE! If you happen to be a Canadian Physiotherapist, we offer course content in partnership with Key Clinical Skills!

In addition, we can provide content as a guest lecturer for Doctor of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant programs, providing students with the knowledge and tools to integrate nutrition into physical therapy. 

Please don't hesitate to fill out an inquiry form below to learn more and see how we can help enhance your practice or DPT curriculum! Also subscribe to our mailing list below for updates on new services and future course information. Each sign up will receive The 6 Fundamental Key Points to Implementing Nutrition in PT.

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