Fuel 4 PT is a service intended for individual physical therapy practitioners, outpatient clinics, and educational programs. We know that nutrition will ultimately impact our patient or client's rehabilitation outcomes, along with their risk for chronic disease, and overall quality of life. Let us help steer your patient/client population in the right direction! 

Practitioners & Clinics

Our team is here to help initiate or improve upon the integration of nutrition into your practice. We not only educate on the fundamentals of nutritional science but also guide you along the steps to appropriately implement; while taking into account professional scopes of practice and your patient or client's current eating pattern and medical history.


As an individual practitioner, please check out our course offerings HERE! If you happen to be a Canadian Physiotherapist, we offer course content in partnership with Key Clinical Skills! As part of an outpatient clinic, please fill out an inquiry form below to find out how we can best fit your needs. A Full-Day continuing education course is also available, pending approval and site availability.

Your patients/clients are also eligible to receive discounts on our nutritional coaching services if further skilled nutritional intervention is needed. 

Educational Programs

In addition to helping those already in practice, we care deeply about the future of the physical therapy profession. Serving as either a guest lecturer or adjunct faculty member, our founder Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT, RDN is available to lend a hand! As both a practicing physical therapist and registered dietitian nutritionist, he and our team can help either introduce nutrition-related content or improve the quality of what is already being offered.


Many DPT or PTA programs may provide the basic nutrition information, but tend to miss the big picture, including how nutrition affects our patients, how to screen for nutritional needs (especially malnutrition in the older population), and when to refer to the appropriate nutritional provider. Our current DPT-focused content addresses CAPTE standards 7A, 7C, 7D16, 7D24, 7D28, and 7D34. While also including the navigating of practice acts and boundaries of care, and basic education and behavioral change concepts that any practitioner can implement.  Please don't hesitate to fill out an inquiry form below to discuss more.

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