An eating pattern, that being what is consistently eaten over time, will contribute to your health outcomes and overall well-being. Evidence shows that following a pattern that is predominately Plant-Based may be most beneficial. Which consists of choosing a variety of fruits and vegetables, more plant proteins (such as beans, legumes, nuts, & seeds), and lessening the consumption of processed foods. 


Though, because of our differences in culture or preference, other eating patterns may work better for you. Ultimately, you want to choose a pattern that sets you and your family up for success, to thrive and live life to the fullest. 

In the end, the best fuel choices are those that make YOU happy, healthy, and feel good! If you have any questions or need some help improving your eating pattern, do not hesitate to reach out! Nutritional Coaching

For additional information and helpful tips on healthy fueling, visit the following resources:

USDA's Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Canada's Guiding Principles and Recommendations

Brazil's Food-Based Dietary Guidelines

**These fueling basics are subject to change periodically over time, as new research, concepts, or ideas emerge.**