Wellfie Wednesday Tip #101: Disrupting Healthcare and Delivering Hope

Happy Wellfie Wednesday! Welcome back! This week’s #WellfieWednesday post is brought to you by Aaron (@AaronPerezPT). Enjoy! 

     I recently had the privilege of co-interviewing Harris Rosen, Ashley Bacot, and Kenneth Aldridge from Rosen Hotels for the APHPT Healthcare Reboot Podcast. I’ve had a great deal of admiration for Harris since first learning about his company through Dave Chase’s excellent book, CEO’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream. It was a real honor to learn from the Rosen team and I’m grateful for the opportunity. Below is a summary of that discussion that I wanted to share with the #WellfieWednesday crowd. There is a healthcare crisis in our country, but the good news is solutions have already been created, implemented with success, and can be scaled. 

     To start, Harris shared some of his background and what motivated him to solve healthcare for his company, Rosen Hotels. Harris acknowledges his success not as miraculous, but rather pragmatic. Driven by a desire to take great care for his people, Harris and his team describe a highly proactive approach to healthcare. This is in stark contrast to the traditional reactive healthcare system we typically experience. The result is achievement of the quadruple aim: reduced cost, improved health outcomes, and much greater satisfaction amongst both patients and providers. Saving big on healthcare has allowed Rosen to invest in philanthropic efforts. Rosen has “adopted” a disadvantaged Florida neighborhood called Tangelo Park. Investment in education was a key component of this program, and the results have been astounding with significantly improved high school and college graduation rates, as well as reduced crime rates. Rosen is now scaling this program to a larger Parramore neighborhood facing similar challenges and disparities. These programs demonstrate the power of philanthropy and investing in social programs. Harris shares his dream to solve healthcare nationwide by scaling the strategies that have brought his company such great success. Imagine, a day when Americans are empowered to be true consumers of healthcare choosing among providers whom are incentivized to care greatly for improving their overall health. We share in your vision Harris!  

Key takeaways from the episode: 

  • Mindset shift: Viewing prevention and health promotion as a worthwhile investment to be leveraged, rather than a cost needing justification, is a key to success. 
  • Moreover, beyond any business metrics, investing in the health of your people is simply the right thing to do.  
  • The solutions to healthcare in the U.S. have already been discovered and are reasonably scalable. So why aren’t more companies replicating Rosen’s approach? That seems to be the 3 Trillion-dollar question.
  • While there are plenty of reasons to be cynical about the status of healthcare in the U.S., Rosen Care offers a great deal of hope. 

     Be on the lookout for the podcast to be released soon if it has not already by the time you’re reading this! I’d like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Harris, Kenneth, and Ashley for their time and sharing their insights and dreams! 

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