Wellfie Wednesday Tip 57: No One-Size Fits All "Diet"

Happy Wellfie Wednesday folks! Welcome back!

     I cringed coming up with the title of this week’s piece, the term “diet” has become so skewed nowadays, and because of that, I try to avoid it at all cost. But none the less, people still refer to how they eat as a diet, especially when it is intended to reach a particular goal. We need to remember that everyone is different physically, metabolically, spiritually, and so forth. People have cultural preferences, likes/dislikes, intolerances, and allergies when it comes to food. Not to mention the differences in availability of foods, whether geographically or financially. It is virtually impossible for one “diet” to encompass all of that. So beware of those marketing promises.

Here are some quick general ideas to spot a poorly suggested “diet”:

  • Significantly reduces caloric intake
  • Completely cuts out entire food groups
  • Replaces meals with supplements or specialty products
  • Includes a bunch of pills or herbs

     The right foods are the foods that make your body feel good, as well as help make your blood values (glucose, cholesterol, etc.) and other measurements look good. Though there isn’t one special “diet,” an eating pattern focused around more colorful plant-based foods has shown to be beneficial for a majority of people. And the great thing about plant-based foods, you can build any meal you desire to meet your individual needs.

Eat for yourself, not by the rigid plan everyone else is!

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- WW Crew