Wellness Wednesday Tip #8: How to Shop your Grocery Store

Happy Wellness Wednesday Folks! Thanks for joining us again!

     This week’s tip involves that weekly visit to the grocery, which I’ll admit I sometimes dread, but it can be quite easy if done right. We’ll go ahead and jump right into things with this tip, as it contains a few smaller tips for food choices that can certainly be elaborated on in the future. 

Start out by planning your week
Go ahead and create your menu for the week and then make a list of all the items you’ll need. ChooseMyPlate.gov has excellent resources, including a weekly menu template and grocery list template that separates things into their food groups. Keep in mind that you can have some flexibility in your shopping. When making a list, I’ll sometimes just write “a vegetable” or “fish” and let things fall into place after seeing what’s available. 

Initially, shop the store perimeter
The store perimeter will contain your fresh foods and some of your healthiest options. 

  • Shop for in-season fruits and vegetables
  • Choose lean meats, though think about having some meatless meals
  • Take advantage of fresh fish choices
  • Choose lower fat dairy and cheeses

Don’t entirely avoid the inner aisles  
Down the aisle is where you’ll find many other nutritious food items.

  • Look for whole grains and healthy cereal options
  • Pick up some canned or frozen vegetables, choosing lower sodium options
  • Look to add beneficial snacks, like walnuts or almonds
  • Choose healthy cooking oils like peanut and olive oil

Finish off with making sure you’ve covered everything on your list and filled in those “a vegetable” spots. 

Enjoy shopping!

-    Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT
-    Dr. Eric Uveges, PT, DPT