#WellfieWednesday Initiative: First Month Follow-up

     Hey, Everyone! So after a month of pushing #WellfieWednesday and providing tips towards living a healthier life, Eric and I wanted to offer some insight behind the reason we started this project and give a summary of the tags thus far. Our mission for the Wellfie Wednesday Initiative was to help increase awareness for living healthier by showing that your efforts don’t have to be elaborate, but can be as small as going for a walk with your dog or eating a piece of salmon. We wanted to facilitate a way to share ideas with others who may be struggling with ways to start improving their health. There shouldn’t be a single rule book to follow for health; it should be individualized for everyone. So use these ideas to help build your own healthy lifestyle.  

     Up to today, we’ve had 82 #WellfieWednesday photos posted across Twitter and Instagram, each of them showing numerous variations of what wellness means to them. Check out the photos below to see what people have posted so far.

     No matter what you’ve tagged #WellfieWednesday, we appreciate your support and hope that you’ll continue to share. And for those who haven’t posted, we hope that we’ve at least got you thinking. We’ll continue to share tips, so keep an eye out for something that may help kick start your way to a healthier life.

Thanks again for reading and helping spread healthy living!

- Dr. Patrick Berner, PT, DPT

- Dr. Eric Uveges, PT, DPT