Wellness Wednesday Tip #26: MOVE 2 Work! (or school, or the store, or anywhere!)

     Welcome back folks! Happy #WellfieWednesday! This week we have a guest promoter of health, Dr. Chris Hinze, PT, DPT, with a special message!

     We all know the recommendation, right? As adults, we need to be accumulating at least 150 minutes/week of moderate intensity physical activity (420 minutes/week if we’re kids). But we’re busy people. 150 minutes a week to exercise? A’int nobody got time for that! But what if those opportunities to exercise, those opportunities to MOVE, are just hiding there in plain sight?

Photo courtesy of Gary howe

Photo courtesy of Gary howe

     We all have places to go, whether it is going to work, school, the grocery store, the coffee shop, you name it. As Americans, we typically deploy our sedentary supporting machines (AKA the personal motor vehicle) to help us make these trips. But, what if instead we engaged in a disease fighting, mood boosting, environment enhancing mode of transportation - one that involves actually MOVING the human body? What if we incorporated this daily dose of physical activity into the trips we already make everyday?

     On this #WellfieWednesday, I encourage you to leave the keys on the counter. Instead, let’s lace up our sneakers, pump up our bike tires or dig out our transit passes and MOVE.

-       Dr. Chris Hinze, PT, DPT

     As always, thanks again for all of the #WellfieWednesday support, be sure to post your pictures again this week and tag Chris (‪@ChrisHinzePT‪ ), Eric (@Eric_in_AmERICa) or Patrick (@PBernerSPT) and keep the wave of healthy change going! And you have any interest in sharing your opinion of healthy living and would like to be a guest promoter of health, please let us know!