Advanced Technology for Paraplegics

     Today I sat in on a great presentation given by Innovative Neurotronics' national representative. He presented on several of their advanced technology products; however, one in particular stood out, the ReWalk. The technology, which was recently approved by the FDA, is simply amazing. Specially suited for paraplegics, the technology is available for spinal cord injury patients with injury at T3 or below. Upper extremity strength and coordination is necessary in order to operate the machinery. 

     The ReWalk is intended to enhance the quality of life for patients that were previously wheelchair bound. This technology is not intended to replace conventional physical rehabilitation. These patients still require the skills of an expert physical therapist. In fact, for these patients to even fully utilize this technology, extensive therapy must take place to address the patient's strength, coordination, and balance. This type of technology is just the beginning of much more to come and further advancements will continue to increase quality of life for the disabled population. 

- Patrick Berner, SPT

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