Make Your Workouts Fun!

      The beauty about exercising is that you can literally do it anywhere and I mean anywhere! Lacking a gym membership is not an excuse. You can burn calories inside your own home or even outdoors, which is the greatest place to stay fit!


      Last year my girlfriend and I traveled to California, where we biked the Golden Gate Bridge. The ride was an 8-mile trail full of views that certainly counted as a workout. Biking outdoors is an excellent way to stay in shape, but I wouldn’t advise jumping into a long ride without first building up your exercise tolerance.

      In 2013, during a trip to Colorado, I spent time hiking St. Mary's Glacier, located west of Denver, and skiing in Breckenridge. My body was certainly not prepared for the change in elevation, but I enjoyed the challenge. 

      Being fortunate enough to live in Florida, I have many different opportunities to exercise outdoors. However, remember every region of the country has something unique. My two favorite recreational activities here are playing beach volleyball and kayaking the intercostal waters. Great thing about kayaking is that you only need a body of water, which can be found virtually anywhere. 

      If you happen to be stuck indoors, you may have to be a little creative. The purchase of resistance band and a pull up bar can go a long way, but remember there is always the traditional push up and air squat. P90X and Insanity have become popular workout DVD's and may be worth a try, although I have not personally done either one. Keep in mind though, if you have not exercised before, do not immediately start these programs. 

      My point is that you can burn calories doing something that you love. You can walk, run, skate, dance, shoot some hoops, throw a ball, and the list goes on. But as with beginning any new activity, seek the advise of a licensed medical professional. 

- Patrick Berner, SPT