Inspiration and Thanks

Hey there!

     I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has supported our video, either by simply watching it or sharing. It makes me proud to be a part of a profession that can truly speak volumes. I want to give special thanks to Dr. Chaconas, who has supported me in all my efforts throughout my time at the University of St. Augustine and with the inspiration to make our video. I want to thank Sean, "the GetPT1st guy," as he was called for a tiny bit for helping us promote the video. I want to thank our amazing actors and actresses, Dr. Todd Bourgeois, Dr. Kerri Waegelein, Dr. Holli Flippo, Gretchen Davis, Erin Marsh, and Jules. And lastly, I want to thank Franchot at That Moment Productions for his awesome cinematography and making one hell of a video. 

     As day four rolls around, we sit at around a quarter of a million views with a reach of about a million people. By the way if you haven't seen or shared our video, go to my homepage or check it out here. I am in awe to say the least, Dr. Chaconas and I never expected these outcomes from such small fundraising efforts. With that said, our video was not tremendously expensive to produce, though we did work with a great cinematographer who I'm pretty sure cut us a deal. Thanks Franchot! 

     My biggest hope is that this sparks a fire within physical therapists around the world, whether you are a lone therapist or a part of a larger organization. Our profession has a lot to offer and unfortunately it is something that the general public doesn't know. We need to work harder at spreading the word and that starts with individual efforts. But yes, our organizations on the state and national level could do a better job at promoting the tools and skills of a physical therapists. And from what I have been seeing, many state chapters are changing their thoughts on how marketing the public actually works. 

     Thank you!!

- Dr. Patrick Berner, DPT



Dr. Chaconas