#2 – The PT Homework Folder

     Hey, everyone. In this post, I wanted to share something that I have found unique to my current clinical site. They have recently adopted the use of a homework folder. Now this is just an ordinary HEP (Home Exercise Program), but they provide every patient with the tool to keep those loose handouts organized, a simple 2-pocket folder.  Almost every exercise we perform in the clinic is provided in print, with images and detailed instructions, which most importantly allows patients to continue care beyond therapeutic intervention. 

     Patients are asked to bring their folder into every appointment to facilitate the constant use of their HEP. This allows patients to easily and specifically identify any exercises that may be difficult to perform or cause pain. In addition, we can make adjustments to their exercises, such as changes to sets and reps or advising them to discontinue if necessary. 

     Without this simple 2-pocket folder, patients have an increased possibility of misplacing loose HEP handouts, decreasing HEP effectiveness. I believe this very small alternative approach to HEPs greatly benefits the patient, especially in regards to compliance and accountability. 

Thanks for reading.

- Patrick Berner, SPT